lundi 11 juillet 2016

First Part: BJEPS Cluny-Uchizy

I already spoke about the first event that explain this one, and it was a little more than a year ago...

Actual meeting with Sabrina was even more busy than every other one we did, but we managed to do a lot, of course. This first part is maybe the more difficult to speak about, because of the personnal thing it is and the fact it's a little breyerless (but just a little).

We started with training, because it's the basis. My friend was practicing for it with her own horse for months.
Quirian de Celland is a French Trotter. Problem: his galloping abitilies.
It was a real race horse, with any less than 9 years when he was bought to become a saddle horse.


Sabrina had him in 2012 and worked his career change ever since.

But as great at this is, she had another horse 4 days before the exams to be his dressage partner. It was a great pony, named Loops Roi. They worked hard together!

Second training was about ground work. We used Quirian as well. Sabrina's did place her hopes in long reins. This was an easy work with him as he was also harness as a race horse.

I also tryied a little with him... but he was kind of surprised... lol.

Then this first day of exams came.
Sabrina first got the ground work with a "free jumping" exercice. Not what hoped but it went well with a pony named Quito...

Followed by the dressage exam. That went well too...

Thanks Loops!
In the meantime, we spare some time doing this...


And this... (first time I try to gallop with this crazy horse)

Even more important, it was Sabrina's birthday and I gave her two presents. The first one is this brand new yellow padd...

Other one was a drawing of her previous beloved car, an AX First she had for 10 years.
For fun, I just took a picture of her and her actual car, an AX Mutine she's got for a little more than a year now.

So let's go back to our sheeps, the last and most feared exams came... jumpings ones.
Sabrina's horse couldn't help us for practicing jumps and she had her exams horses just the day before... so let's said, it was lacking of training.

Last try before the day with Moustache...

Oh I love this pony!

Sun was hot, burning.
It was really hard to work days, but Jumping did arrived...

First pony of the day is Sultane, cute little one. (following pictures are footage caps)

Jumping was followed by a Cross test.

And the Cross itself. Sabrina got second pony of the day Nabab, even more cute one.

(following picture are footages caps.)

These went not as well as dressage or ground work. But it was the end of this part of the story... finally exams where over.
Thanks Nabab.
Sun doesn't spare us, we are so ugly on these :')
This week was filled by horses, their was not a day without them and it is not really the end... more horsies to come next time (and more Breyer related event too... just teasing).

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