vendredi 15 janvier 2016

TBT : Model Horse Debuts

Some of you may know that's not my first blog about ModelHorse, I opened this one because I needed a new, fresh start with blogging. So, I decided not to throw away all memories, and to do some 'trow back' relating the best moments I used to life. And I hope you will love this too.

First Episode: How I created our Studio.

So starting with the debts. I discover the ModelHorse hobby four years ago in 2012, so I'm kind of very green as I've got the impression I'm in since always...
My first (and I was lying saying it would be my last) model was a Breyer Flabbehopen that I fell in love with searching "breyer" in google. And oh god, how excited I was when I got her!

Nobody's Baby Now
After it was a classic start with less expensive Breyer OF, but as any collection that become to be serious, I thinked more and more about Artist Resins.
By the way, custom was so attractive so with my roomate we decided to dare, our first try was a real new challenge...
The goal was to give life to one of my character...

Starting by prepping...

Planning, drawing & cutting patterns...
Being creative to keep white areas white... lol
And of course, starting oil paints!

The proud Artists!
Then we added the "bonus" details,

And the result:
Cendre, 2012.
Cream of the cream in my starting shelves!
And as we has no limits after a few customs, it was time for the REAL challenge!

Oh yes we did!
Another ones of my characters were planned as well! 
Starting with sculpting...
And adding a ridder...
Oh, this was full of mistakes, but...

I still so darn love this sculpture, and the experience that goes with!
I still so darn love what potential we discover in ourselves during this first year of ModelHorse.

After, customs become a game field, and we started to open books, it was slow but we finally created Hauntedwood Corp. Studio! And today, we have a few horses at the international that runs the liveshow and also... that wins! That's the best reward ever.

After that, I followed my impulsion to bought an Artist Resin, and growth the quality of my collection. Until today. But in the long road, customs were just a start, so next week I will speak of real people that Hobby brings in my life.

And about "the drastic" we completed the piece in 2014, for the fact, I did show the naked piece in Braymere's Custom Saddery Winter Challenge last year...
And then, there's the final pictures:
Cendre & Poltergeist, 2012-2014.

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