jeudi 26 octobre 2023

2024 Calendar! Pre-Order - Closed

Due to popular demand, I've decided to print a Calendar for 2024 with some of my pictures...
It's been years I'm thinking about it and depending on the popularity of this one, they might be more ;)

Every artists (sculptor, painters) and every places will be listed in the calendar.
I've made a great selection of pictures, that show all I love best... moody, gloomy, misty... mountains, water and a bit of architecture too ;)
I believe this selection really show what's best in my pictures and I hope you'll like it!

2024 Calendar at pre-order price, it's now!
Pre-Order price is $14 + Shipping Fees - You've until the end of the month to place your pre-order (so october 31).
Regular price after pre-order will be $16.
How does it works to pre-order?
-Sent me a mail ( ) with the number of calendar wished + shipping country.
-Shipping is $13 for international (every country that isn't France)
-You pay via paypal goods & service (so you're protected).
-The calendar will be shipped to you as soon as it's printed.

Thank you everyone for your interest! 💖And if you'd like to help me, feel free to share the new!!

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