lundi 16 mai 2022

The Sea

This week, on instagram I did 3 days of intense posting around my sea themed pictures.
If the sea is not my own favorite, I must admit that it's an easy spot to have beautiful pictures and I would never say no to a shooting if it happends that I got there.

Do you like the sea? Here's a recap of all my sea shootings along the years...

-BENEATH THE WAVES (2016) - Port Cros/Giens Peninsula (Mediterranean Sea) 

-FOAM OF THE SEA (2018) - Le Coq (North Sea)

 -HELIUM SUNSET (2018) - Giens Peninsula (Mediterranean Sea) 

AISLING - Dream of Ships (2018) - Giens Peninsula (Mediterranean Sea)

ANIMATICS (2014) - Bredene (North Sea)/Mt Vallier/London/Rennes

DOLLASTIC (2014) - Bredene (North Sea)/Morvan/London/Carcassonne


Wich one do you like best? Would you like to see more sea?
Will do another recap on another thema next month for sure!

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