dimanche 13 février 2022

A Girl Can Dream! - 2022 Support!

Hi everyone!

I've started this blog in 2016 and since, I've done my best to share with you my pictures and stories...
This year, I've drawn 2 greetings cards, that you can feel free to buy to support me!

Why I need support?

-I am an artist, living in France, wich is despite it's reputation not a simple place to earn it's life as is.

-I am a full time artist, I might do "food work" from time to time like everyone, but I appreciate when people buy and support my art, that's the best earned money. I work hard and I really wish for my artistic production to be a stable living... And it start with your help!

-Drawing is in my blood - and that's the best way for me to feel good.
If you love my blog, if you love my horses, if you love my work... you're in the right place and I love you back!

-I got a harsh time beeing able to offer my art to the world, and now you can have some... so enjoy... and if you like it, why not buy?!

The Cards are at $5 (price include an envelope that comes with) + shipping fees to your location.
Sent me a mail at ColdRuru@gmail.com to order ;)
Or You can found thoses cards on my ONLINE SHOP


You've got SUN

and you've got MOON

If you want to know more of my artistic journey, check my products or help me raise followers, click on thoses links:

All my products (Art Blog)

My art page on facebook

My instagram

Send me some support/love, please <3


More about me?

I am a 90's child, born in an artistic family.
My father was an artist and art teacher. My mother did silk painting and watercolor as a hobby - she now better like to paint with acrylic and patch.

I've spent my whole childhood in museum and art galleries, following and helping my dad work.
He spent most of his time with me reading european comics.

My mother was following my dad in museum and art galleries too, supporting him... on her free time she did her own art.
She spent a lot of her time taking care of me and I drawed at her side when she was painting.

I did drawing and drawing and drawing like no one could stop me, and my favorite subject already was... HORSES!

It was obvious to everyone that I will do art school.
That's exactly what I did in the end.
I am, technically, a graduated "european comics" person. It means that I've learn drawing, anatomy, scenario, plot writing, story board, semiology, anthropology, philosophy, comics history and art history. Yes all of that.

Why comics? Because I was raised with them and really was thinking it was my way.
In fact, I even did worked in a fanzine, then had projects, plans... hopes and dreams but...
Well, life is life. My father died. I get depressed, struggling with a difficult time (wich was not helped by the side story related to my father's "family", including stalking, blackmail and such things I will not explain here).

I so had to say goodbye to this side of my childhood. I miss my dad, and miss beeing involved in what's left of him work, but I just cannot for my own sake.

Also I had to say goodbye to my ambitions, I was not able to produce drawings anymore.
I struggled for years, still expressing myself with other media such a pictures (well you are on my modelhorsehobby/picture blog so you know it) until I felt like I had to have my chance.
And to have a chance, you have to try, right?

Then you know what happened, covid... my mare who got hurt (lots of time and money involved to save her)... all things that could have stopped me. But no, I really battled against depression this time. Because I want to believe in me, for once in my life.

I've started small, with a more illustrative way of working, as I don't feel like I could do comics right now.
I offer commission and products 100% made with my art (and by me). I am an artist, I sell my work by internet and in live -  and most of all, I am happy right now!

My best supports are...

My mom, my cats, my horses...

and YOU! Even if you cannot buy, if you follow me, you are a great help.
So thank you, thank you so much!

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