lundi 15 mars 2021

Amira TOP - Our Galops in the Fields

I've decided to do a week of Amira, with our best memories together, as it's official, they are were the last on a sportive and riding prisma. I want to be positive.

For those who haven't followed, here's the story on how everything end for us: and the opportunity to support us a bit, if you want to! Any help is appreciated.

 I will be back to modelhorse soon, don't worry, I just need to proceed my grief.


First thing, wich is basic but let's be honest, every horse owner dream of it: free galop in the fields!
We had so many because I'm a galop addict. To be honest.

Our First One

Well it was the first one, it's alway impressive, I was impressed. Needless to says, I immediately became an addict.


Our Most Difficult One

She wasn't willing to goes anywhere else than back in her field. She was alone with no other horse, and it was really difficult to have her go by herself on the galloping line. I remember some peoples goes out of their house to watch me struggling, they were hilarious.
She really runned like the wind once back in the right direction: home.

Our Most Beautiful

The sunset was just amazing and the reflexion on the lake take us to another dimension.

Our Longer Run

There was just the perfect long lines to gallop in an infinite landscape there, we got our longest runs alone. I did some even longer on trail, but thoses where just about long and speed lines.

Our Most Dreamed

It really was a dream of mine to gallop in the snow, and that day was just fantastic and amazing. The mare was really most willing, she had the exact same fun as me and didn't wanted to stop!

Our Most Furious

It was a race, she was always on fire when they where other horses to beat. I feeled her boil and was a bit affraid to go. But it was amazing.

Our Last

It's really the last gallop we did together. Just before I put her back in the field, the next time I get there to see her, she was wounded for life.
First time I tryed to gallop with only the halter in full nature as well.

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