vendredi 12 mai 2017

TBT: My love for Little Ponies...

You may have noticed that I'm frequently using vintage toys in my BOD pictures, like...
Grand Champion
Fashion Star Fillies
or even...
My Little Pony
They all were part of my childhood, and if today I'm only collecting Appaloosa's toys horses... As far as I remember, I am just a horse addict.
When I was a child, I wanted a real one, but as most of the little girls I didn't have one. But I had plenty of toys ponies instead. They mostly came from secondhand market, and may have been the start of the collector I'm today.

***Important note: Breyer werent's commercialised as toys in Europe in the 80/90's and are such pretty rare now**

I had a rocking horse, of course. But as miniatures, my first ones came with my wood farm, with all the little wooden animals. Still got the farm at my mother's house, with all my little horses, ponies, donkeys, cows and more...

Picture from 1993, with my beloved cat Nuage.
But that wasn't all, you know little girls always love horses and they came in such a lot of realistic and less realistic brands,
I'm not sure wich one was the first in my life, but I had Grand Champions and Barbie's. I didn't really liked the Barbies girls as much as their horses, but I didn't have one of them before I got the stable with the matching horse in 1996.

Credit Picture
There's not such pictures of my plastic toys as my parents didn't really enjoyed them. This is the only one... (I still got the horse btw)
Picture from 1997 (if I remember well)
But those Barbie's horses were my playground to a lot of things I still do today with my figures, as much as this...

This is my first know "model horse" picture, takend around 1998/2000
Yes, I did learn to photographs early, even if it wasn't brilliant at all.

My favorites, were the toys from the 80's (Wich is funny, as I am a 90's child) and that's not because Barbie's got an appaloosa horse in 1989...

It was because of... well... My Little Ponies!
When I was a child, I enjoyed the "Show Stable", it was my mother who got it at work from a coworker. She didn't really loved this kind of toys (as explained) but she cannot refuse...
It's something she confess, she did regret a bit, because the playset was huge (and ugly to her).
This *ugly* Stable with the colored *ugly* plastic ponies were really, really my favorites!

Edit: found a picture featuring my show stable! win!
Well yes, it's not glorious, but...
Picture from 1996
And still are. That's why, way before I start collecting Breyers then AR, I collected My Little Ponies.
If I wasn't such a collector of figures, I'm not sure I even started with modelhorse one day.

That's why, because I've got a lot of fun with my realistic plastic ponies, I decided to have the same with my *ugly* little ones...

Imagine if their plastic toys horses were unrealistic to them...
The most exciting things about this for me, is that I can totally plays with my props with them too...

Didn't the little girl/boy in yourself wanting the same?
In any case, I decided to open the pandore box with a brand new blog...
Dream Valley - Of Spots Blog
Facebook Page
All about my from outer space *ugly* ponies. And I hope you will enjoy it too!

And if you aren't interresting in it at all (what's I understand of course), I hope this dig in my personnal Modelhorse history did entertain you.
See you soon for more realistic ponies pictures!

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  1. I got a kick seeing the Fashion Star Fillies - I was very much a horse mad child of the '80s.

    1. Glad you liked. I only have one Fashion Star (those pictured aren't mine) but I discovered very recently they weren't exuberant Barbie's horses... lol.