mercredi 29 mars 2017

"A Grass Story" Challenge

Cléclème, from France, in a few words:

>I started having an interest in Breyer horses in 2009 and received my first model in 2010. The various blogs and galleries had let me see these figures' huge potential and I really wanted to give it a try, in terms of realistic photography. 

>I am first and foremost a My Little Pony and other toys collector and I used to take them in the wild to take pictures. Breyers and such were the next level then ! I started with a blog depicting the story of a handful of characters and their horses. I am now way more active on the forum which Sabrina and I have created with the aim of sharing about our hobby with other model horse hobbyists. 

>I don't do much performance type set ups as I cruelly lack tack and props and get easily upset with all the fiddling required to tack models up as well as having those rambunctious riders ride in nice positions. 

>I occasionally work on small pieces of tack or props for me but I don't have a studio nor do customs. In fact I don't do much apart from being a nice admin for our beautiful forum ! And I am proud of it...even more that since its launching we have seen the birth of several friendships and IRL meetings and this is great !

Cléclème's page "A Grass Story"

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