jeudi 16 juin 2016

TBT : CEP2 Grenoble

Last time I met Sabrina, was about... a years ago in May 2015. A YEAR AGO... it seems too long to both of us.
I left Ariège, to goes by her home because we had plans. She was competing an entrance examination at Grenoble to enter a horse riding teacher training.

First thing we did, was to enjoy our time at her corner of France, our routine start as usual with coaching. Quirian did play the game.

Then we did some outdoor pictures...

But real horse is not our limit, you know it so... miniatures where the next ones!

Second thing we did was to reach Grenoble, road by night. We arrived at sunrise...

Ready to meet Sabrina's horse of the day, Rio!

The exam did well, it was a long and stressfull day, but it was a good one!

So the year that passed, this year we didn't saw each other as Sabrina was busy with her training, is gonna end. Last exams are coming for my friend... so guess what? I'm gonna be part of it and be with her of course!
A new meeting is coming.

And don't forget to BELIEVE in your dreams ;)

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